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The Generation X programme is a revolutionary new way of teaching

4-7 year olds, using martial arts as a training platform.

Introducing basic strikes and blocks alongside a variety of exercises

and life skills, we aim to lay the foundation for many years of

successful Taekwondo training.

Each Generation X session looks to place an emphasis on fun,

friendship and challenging drills to spark the minds of our youngest



We are proud to boast that are classes will further aid in improving flexibility, fitness and self defence whilst helping to develop team spirit, leadership skills, concentration and dedication.


To motivate our students we have introduced a unique and challenging syllabus which will set our Generation X students for a smooth transition into the cadet and full ITF system. With gradings running every 2 months, students will collect badges and progress from purple to red to green belt after each successive year ot training.


To support the practical syllabus we have also introduced a series of worksheets and study aids that the students will have to navigate through with the support of parents/carers and the instructors alike.

At UKITF we understand that children develop at different rates and with this in mind have created the syllabus in such a way that ALL students will be able to achieve whilst facing their own challenges and triumphs through the process.

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